Audio Extension Cable Syncwire Aux Extension Cable 3.5mm


Extends the connection & Rocks Your Audio Devices: Syncwire 3.5mm audio extension cable extends the connection between your iPhone, iPod, MP3 players, smartphones, tablet or any other 3.5mm aux port equipped devices to your headphone, earphone, speaker, car stereo or home theater system etc.
Universal Compatibility: Syncwire Male to Female AUX extension cable plays audio from any phone, tablet, iPod, laptop and other media-playing devices on your headphones, Hi-Fi or car stereo via the 3.5mm aux port.
Unparalleled Sound Quality: Polished gold-plated connectors ensure reliability and eliminate signal loss and noise possible. Double shielding significantly enhances protection against interference, and the soft nylon jacket encased cord ensures an ultralong Lifespan.
Protect your Aux devices: This AUX extension cable is a great solution to protect your devices 3.5mm aux port from repeat plugging and unplugging. It’s costly to buy a new device, while it’s so easy to get a 3.5mm auxiliary aux cable.