You’ve seen it in old Hollywood movies: the debonair hero enters a room and tosses his hat onto a stand. It’s seductive, swanky, and masculine. With the Chapo, designer Philippe Starck plays with that idea in a creation that is equal parts light and theater. Different hats allow you to change its appearance, giving it an irreverent and retro feel.

Chapo provides direct light. Its aluminum structure includes a photo-etched diffuser. The optical switch on the dimmable base features Soft Touch technology, and an adaptor on the plug connector includes interchangeable plugs. A USB socket on the base allows for the charging of most smartphones and tablets (max 1.5A).

Inspiration behind the design:

Designer Philippe Starck was inspired by the masculine nature of old Hollywood heroes who would expertly toss their hats atop of hat stands. Here, he creates a piece of furniture that is functional and fun.