Crab and Eelgrass Pillow


Here in the Pacific Northwest beachcombers may discover the wily Dungeness crab hiding in the eelgrass or algae, attempting to avoid becoming the headliner on someone’s lunch menu. After the crabs shed their exoskeleton (molt) they are soft and vulnerable for several days while the new shell hardens, so they try to maintain a low profile. This little guy will have several more molts before he reaches legal catch-able size.

The mossy green algae is called rockweed, and each branch terminates in a little air pocket that keeps the plant buoyant and makes a satisfying “pop” when squeezed. This is probably the inspiration for bubblewrap.

This 19″ x 19″ acrylic all-weather throw pillow is handpainted (not a reprint or transfer, but an original) by our artist, then stuffed with polyester fiberfill in a polypropylene casing. Wears well outdoors and in; a hose-down or spot cleaning is usually all that is required to keep it fresh.