Destination Transylvania



This novel, Destination Transylvania, is about the old time monster stories and what impact they had on our lives growing up. I remember as a young boy in the 50s & 60s watching the old Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi films with my family. And I would love to watch the old monster movies like Frankenstein and The Mummy just to mention a few. To this day, that old genre has filled the minds of millions. Someone who loves to be frightened in a good way, and the joy of it. I wrote Destination Transylvania with this same intent. To invent a feeling of terror when there wasn’t any. To indulge yourself with something that can thrill and scare you one minute and then romance you in the second. I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I did when I wrote it. The story is action packed; This novel is about the old monsters coming together in Transylvania to scare you. Scientists and Doctors, Demons of the realm, the Undead and walking nightmares are alive and coming for you. Are you ready for them? Embrace the reality of the unknown, let your minds travel back in time to places in your childhood dreams, a place that only you can control.
Take a ride along the Amazon River and even run around the City of Salem, Massachusetts finding evidence of what killed several people, was it a man, or something of the Supernatural? You be the judge.