Dragonfly Pillow


Product Description

NEWS FLASH: There are no mosquitos at the beach! Yes, I know — it’s amazing! Having puzzled over this peculiar fact, one summer’s day, while lounging on the “big sand” (OK, rocks) on our beach, a beautiful dragonfly alighted on a driftwood log next to me. That’s it! All the mosquitos must be avoiding the dragonflies, which, as every entomologist knows, are perhaps the biggest consumers of mosquitos on the planet.

And they can fly backwards! We have several types of dragonflies in the Pacific Northwest, with names like Meadowhawk, Skimmer, Dancer, Emerald, Spiketail, Pondhawk, Darner and Jewelwing. Some dragonflies are the size of birds and have nearly as many admirers, but this one trumps them all — 17″ wide and 15″ long on the 19″ square pillow. This beauty is the most glorious plum-purple with touches of charcoal. Handpainted with permanent textile paints on indoor-outdoor fabric, this durable and weather-resistant cushion laughs at the wind and rain [ha ha ha ha ha]. If soiled, just hose off, spot clean or gentle wash cool. Polyester fiberfill insert removes through envelope closure for machine wash and dry.

Designed, painted, sewn, copyrighted, stuffed and signed by the artist; not a reprint or transfer but an artist’s original.