Edwin Jagger Large Imitation Ivory Super Badger Shaving Brush (3EJ187)

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Edwin Jagger Imitation Ivory shaving brush
Large well-balanced imitation ivory handle
Neat chrome trim
Made with Super Badger fill
Offers a thick, luxurious lather
Ideal gift for any wet shaver

Edwin Jagger Large Imitation Ivory shaving brush (Super Badger). Handmade in Sheffield, this imitation ivory shaving brush is filled with hand tied super badger hair and finished with bright chrome trim. The large sized, medium weight handle is manufactured using an ivory coloured polyester which is polished to a wonderful sheen and it will look great on the bathroom shelf. Presented in smart Edwin Jagger branded tube.

Super Badger quality is ideal for many wet shavers but particularly for those with soft or sensitive facial skin. The combination of brush, hot water and shaving cream will produce a rich lather, soften and lift the beard, in preparation for shaving.

Also available in Imitation Ebony colour option (while stocks last).

We recommend that after daily use shaving brushes are thoroughly rinsed in warm water and hung to dry in a stand. For this brush we suggest small size ivory plastic drip stand or large size chrome drip stand.

Overall height 104mm
Handle height 50mm
Handle base diameter 35mm
Ring size 23mm
Weight 62g