Flamingo Outdoor Pillow in Many Colors


The ancient Egyptians revered flamingos as the embodiment of the sun god, Ra. Americans reproduced them in plastic and placed them on sticks in their lawns. They’ve been around for eons and may outlast the human race.

This 20″x20″x5″ pillow has been individually hand painted using permanent, non-toxic textile paint on commercial all-weather fabric that withstands sun, rain, wind, and pollen. The separate down-replacement insert removes through the envelope closure on the reverse for laundering. Cover may be spot cleaned, hosed off, or gently machine washed (cool) and air dried.

Because flamingos get their color from the aquatic bacteria and beta carotene in their diet, their color may range from pale pink to bright red. The national bird of the The Bahamas is shown here in flamingo pink, but other colors are available, like coral, orange, green, purple and blue.