Girl Pirate Pillow


Not all pirates were male, of course. A great many spunky women have become successful Nautical Acquisition and Redistribution Specialists.

The prohibition against female pirates was set out in Article VI of the Pirates’s Code aboard Black Bart’s ship (1721), “No boy or woman to be allowed amongst them”, but the temptation was evidently irresistible. In fact, there have been several famous/infamous lady pirates, even pirate captains, whose reputations endure as their legends continue to grow.

So as not to frighten the children, this design features a rather benign, non-threatening version of the skeletal remains of what must have been a female pirate. She makes an able companion for the manly pirate pillow found in this shop.

This indoor-outdoor pillow is enough to shiver anyone’s timbers. Measures 19″x19″ and about 5″ thick at the center. Removable polyester fiberfill insert makes it a snap to clean if needed.