Huawei Mate 7 Screen Protectors


When buying a new phone, it is very important to get a cover not just for its overall body, but for its screen as well. Today, with our phones always being in our pockets, we often bump them into things without realizing it and this is a great risk to your phone’s screen. This is why it is always better to use a glass protector with your phone so that in the case of an accident, your original screen stays safe and intact. Glass protectors can even keep smudges and fingerprints off your screen to give you that beautiful clear resolution that you want.
When buying your Huawei Mate 7, it is thus, essential to purchase the glass protector along with it. You wouldn’t want that 6.0 inch screen to be shattered or scratched, would you? The glass protector is available only for PKR 250, so buy one for your phone now