iPhone 6s Plus


Size matters. The iPhone 6s Plus combines a big screen to make the most of its glorious pin-sharp resolution, along with a host of little extras that make life that much more pleasurable for owners.

At 5.5 inches and with a 1080 resolution, the 6s Plus is the screen equivalent of having a full-blown high definition TV in your pocket. We’re talking video that’s virtually indistinguishable from reality, while apps and web browsing are as sharp and clear as the printed page.

That giant screen comes with all-important little touches to make the most of the experience. A software feature called “Reachability” quite literally puts everything at your fingertips without feeling like you need to be a concert pianist to operate the phone.

Simply put, if you can imagine a phone doing something, the iPhone 6s Plus not only does it, but does it beautifully.