Polanfo 12000mAh Power Bank Gold


UItra-High Capacity:Our power bank can charge iPhone 7 up to 6 times,Equivalent to 6 iPhone batteries. It is powerful enough to give you up to 84 hours of additional talk time.
UItra-Compact: Same power, half size, unmatched reliability. It is as slim as a phone, your best choice for your pocket.
UItra-Light: It adopts the Polymer Battery(the safest battery type so far), 20% the size and and 30% the weight of other batteries, no burden for you.
UItra-Thin: Cased in a fresh anodized finish with aluminum alloy from the same manufacturing standard as Apple’s products, but also has the same cell with iPhone 6s.
Smart Digital LED: It shows remaining power in digital formal, no guesswork was required. 90% of all other power banks never have this feature.