Samsung Battery Grand 2


If you own and use the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, you should be adequately satisfied with its battery performance. It offers above-average talk-time and a decent run-time compared to other phones in its class. However, although it has a 2600 mAh battery, the huge display may put a strain on its performance. This is exacerbated when you are shooting a video, watching an HD movie, using mobile data internet, or apps with excessively white backgrounds.
Some of us who use the Galaxy Grand 2 significantly more than an average user are entering the world of pain. Constantly charging your phone and being wired-up to a power source is extremely infuriating. It becomes even more annoying during long trips and outdoor travel when you have no means to charge the device. Fortunately, the solution is simple: buy a spare battery.
With another rechargeable battery, you can extend your phone’s run-time for twice as long on a single charge. This comes in handy in emergency situations or for extensive use. If you are experiencing troubles with your current battery, you can purchase a replacement at an extremely affordable price of Rs. 700.
Be sure to charge and drain your battery fully at least three times on first use for best results.