Samsung Battery Note 2


Samsung has been introducing many good phones into the smartphone world with its Galaxy series. One of those phones includes the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. With phones such as these, it is essential that they have a good battery life.
This phone has both the features of a phone and tablet combined into one. What makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s battery life so amazing? Well, first of all, it provides the user with a maximum of 17 hours of talk time. It is the perfect device for a person who mostly conducts business on phone.
For people who just cannot live without taking a look at what’s trending on the internet, Note 2 also gives you about 9 hours of internet browsing time on its battery. Stay connected with the world and read all that you have to without the fear of your phone turning off.
With a larger screen, a person would want to enjoy a bit of video playback. Well, good news for Samsung Note 2 owners as it provides you with about 12 hours of video playback. Now enjoy your videos on the go with the help of Note 2’s battery.
When considering getting a spare or a replacement, you can buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery for only PKR 700 and be part of the amazing world of internet browsing, music and video entertainment that is out there.