Samsung Battery Note 3


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a beautiful smartphone to consider when buying a phone. With its 5.7 inches display and amazing resolution, the quality of video playback is amazing. The question that arises here is that does the Galaxy Note 3 battery do justice with all the features provided?
The answer is yes! The Galaxy Note 3 battery can sustain a maximum of 18 hours of talk time. Anyone who spends most of his time with a phone to their ear can rest assured that their calls will not be cut short because of the battery running out.
With the ever increasing internet, many people prefer to listen to music online and this can take a toll on your phone’s battery. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery can give up to 21 hours of music playback. You can now become the life of the party by playing endless music.
When it comes to video playback, the battery of Note 3 can get you up to 14 hours of video playback. With a 5.7 inch screen and 1080×1920 pixels resolution, a person can watch high quality videos for a very long time.
The Galaxy Note 3 battery can also support continuous web browsing of up to 9 hours. Browse away as Note 3 battery will give you enough time to do it.
When considering buying a replacement for your older battery or a spare just in case, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Battery is available for only PKR 700. Get your battery today and don’t stop the entertainment.