Samsung Battery Note 5


The latest installment in the Galaxy Note series brings with it many upgraded features. The screen size is the same but it has a stunning resolution of 1440×2560 pixels. It offers a 4GB RAM with a Quad-Core processor. With all these upgrades, it is obvious that the Galaxy Note 5 would require a high power battery to support all the features and apps you want to run on it.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s battery provides its users with up to 64 hours of music playback. That is enough to keep you listening to music for a long time. Whether you are stuck in traffic or waiting somewhere for someone, pass the time with long music playback.
The battery also offers the user a talk time of almost 29 hours. Keep on talking till you feel like it. Your call won’t be cut by a shortage of battery power.
Web browsing of almost 11 hours is supported on the battery. If you love the internet and want to visit WebPages all day, Galaxy Note 5’s battery will keep you going.
Do you like watching TV shows but do not get the time to sit down in front of the TV or your computer? No worries, Galaxy Note 5’s battery supports a video playback time of up to 14 hours. Load up your phone with your favorite shows or stream them on the way.
However, it is always better to have a spare battery just in case there is a need to go on long trips or to a place where you cannot find a power source to charge your phone. A spare battery doubles up your phone’s life. You can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery just for PKR 700.