Samsung Battery S2


The Samsung Galaxy smartphones have come a long way since the S2 in terms of battery performance. The newer top end models like S5 and S6 are dominating the market on this front. But for those of us who are old-school or cannot afford to buy a new phone, there is a much cheaper alternative.
The 1800 mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery is perfect for those who use or rely on their phone significantly more than an average user. In today’s world of hectic activity, who has the time to recharge their phones again and again? It is better and much more efficient to keep a spare battery for extended use. It is reliable and offers you long-lasting power.
If your Galaxy S2 frequently loses signal, randomly shuts down, or drains within a few hours, you should consider a replacement of the battery. All batteries can endure only a particular number of recharges. They have a limited life and cannot continue functioning optimally beyond their capacity. With a replacement battery, you can get rid of all these problems and start anew. For just Rs. 700, it is not a bad bargain.
Once you have bought the battery, it is advisable to fully charge and drain it 3 times in order to greatly enhance its overall life.