Samsung Battery S6 Edge


With the Galaxy S6 being one of the top phones in the market, it is expected that it will have a good battery life. Samsung did not disappoint as the S6 Edge’s battery that can give you a maximum talk time of up to 20 hours.
Talking about video playback, the S6 Edge can provide you with a 11 straight hours of video entertainment for those times of boredom when your TV or computer is on the fritz. With that much video playback, you can watch about 4 movies in one sitting.
When it comes to web browsing, the battery can provide you with non-stop web content browsing of up to 12 hours. Music playback on the battery lasts up to 50 hours so those long boring trips can become a breeze with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
With so much being offered, it is essential that you replace your battery when it has completed its lifetime. Having a spare is also a very good idea for those long trips or long office hours.