Samsung Battery Tab 3


For people who spend more time in a day on the phone than the average user, the biggest problem is usually the battery performance. No matter how good your phone’s battery is, if you use it more, you need to charge frequently. This is impractical. Who wants to be wired up to the power source all day? The point of owning a smartphone is that it is portable. Staying all day in a single place to charge your device beats the whole purpose.
This is why you need a spare battery for your Samsung Tab 3. It enables you to access extra power at crucial moments. It also allows you to stay on the move comfortably without worrying about charging your phone. You can just swap the battery to use it for twice as long on a single charge.
A typical Samsung Galaxy S3 battery lasts for up to 7 hours. Sometimes, when you are traveling or at an outdoor location and cannot access a power source, you need a backup. The 2100 mAh battery can let you continue, without charging, for a staggering day and a half for just Rs. 700.
Once you have bought the replacement battery, it is recommended that you fully charge and drain the battery in three cycles. This enhances the battery life and makes it more suitable for longer use.