Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge PlusScreen Protectors


The curved edge of Samsung Galaxy S6 cannot be simply protected by any other screen protector. With a unique design, it encompasses more than the standard surface area for this. Therefore this protection film mimics those curves from both the edges, and shields from the damage that is usually inflicted easily on these areas.
With smooth clarity and extreme touch, this is a keeper, with a secure and exact fit on top of the dazzling display so that even after you have applied this it does not stop you from enjoying your new Galaxy S6 Edge.

It is impossible to protect the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus without the help of a glass protector. We make it possible for you by offering you with full coverage glass protectors, which prevents your phone from getting scratches, fingerprint or grease marks, and damage from falling. The protector also ensures clear visual quality for the screen and is shock absorbent. As a result, you get the maximum durability for your phone.

Full screen coverage
Ultra clear screen
High quality tempered glass
Protect from dust, grease, water, fingerprints
Anti-scratch, shock absorbing
Maximum durability