Sea Star Lumbar Pillow

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What is it about sea stars that makes them so irresistable? They seem to possess a certain salty je ne sais quoi — and they present in so many beautiful shapes, colors and textures.

These particular ones are depicted on a 14″ x 22″ lumbar style pillow that loves to go outdoors to grace your deck, patio, sailboat, hammock, garden bench . . . or add a fresh coastal accent to your home’s interiors. The commercial acrylic all-weather fabric is soft, smooth and durable. Note:Price is per pillow.

Slip one behind your lower back and lean back; you’ll feel like a million bucks! (Or a million sand dollars.) Generously filled with polyester fiberfill in a removable polypropylene casing, the cover can be spot cleaned, hosed off, or gentle washed cool, air dry. Painted with nontoxic textile pigments which stand up to sun, rain, wind, heat and any other conditions nature can pull on us.