Semi-Precious Gemstone Mala Necklaces

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This is more than just a fashionable necklace; Stay in touch with your intentions with these Gemstone Mala Tassel Necklaces. Whether you need a subtle way to stay calm or practice self love during the day, participate in a daily meditation practice, or want a reminder of your intention during your yoga practice, these mala beads will help keep you confident and in touch with your intuition.

Please note these are all hand-strung and lengths may vary.

Not sure what color to get? Here are the meanings behind each gemstone:

  • Citrine: Uplifting, and inspires success in business and personal affairs
  • Amethyst: Enhances memory, soothes negative emotions, and acts as protection
  • Tiger’s Eye: Relieves stress, brings serenity during difficult times, and helps with grounding
  • Lapis Lazuli: Brings good luck and good fortune, and helps encourage those with too much self-discipline to relax and get in touch with their true purpose
  • Emerald: Opens and strengthens the heart, while refreshing the soul and maintaining vitality
  • Peridot: Encourages optimism and healing in both the physical and mental bodies
  • Rose Quartz: Evokes a sense of joy, peace, and inner light, leading to self confidence and connection to the universe