Stargazer Lily Outdoor Pillow


Not only are Stargazer Lilies breathtakingly gorgeous, but their ginger/vanilla/honeysuckle scent is heavenly, like the stars upon which they gaze. Brides love these showy perennials for bouquets — they are elegant as orchids but less formal. How fabulous would this look on your patio, garden bench, hammock, porch swing, Adirondack chair or picnic blanket?

This 20″ x 20″ indoor-outdoor pillow is hand painted with nontoxic, permanent textile paints on commercial acrylic fabric; tough enough for the great outdoors but refined enough for your fine home interiors.

The overlapping envelope closure on the back allows for removal of the polyester fiberfill insert (machine washable). The cover itself may be hosed off, spot cleaned, or gently washed in cool water and laid flat to dry.

Note: Hand painted, no two are alike.