Ten Fun Things To Do In Bucharest



Q: What do you get when you shrink a travel guide to fit better on a smartphone?
A: The Ten Fun Things travel guide!!!
The goal was to shrink a lengthy conventional travel guide down to an information only guide and make it into a super-compact size for three reasons:
1. It would work well on mobile devices.
2. It could be delivered to the customer for much less than the $8 to $12 travel guides.
3. It could be offered as a new kind of travel guide for people who don’t have time to read 80-100 pages on a tiny screen.
This guide has been designed to be more of a quick reference tool for your smartphone rather than a conventional travel guide. It provides contact information for popular local attractions. It also includes a good list of restaurants, nightclubs and a bonus section covering breakfast. Everything you need and nothing you don’t, and for much less than the other guides.
Carry it with you and use it to plan your trip -or- during your trip.