The Best Shaving Soap



Shaving soap and shaving cream both give much needed protection for your skin during a shave, providing lubrication to help the razor blade glide smoothly. When used with a shaving brush, they also help to lift the hairs away from your skin. Shaving soaps and creams moisturise and soften your hairs and ultimately give you a great shave.

The difference between shaving creams and soap is that cream can be applied without a shaving brush (although we would still recommend you use one) and it can take a little longer to whip up the perfect lather with shaving soap – although the results are worth it! Shaving soap is the more traditional option and provides a really luxurious feel to your shave. Hard shaving soap pucks tend to last longer than the equivalent amount of shaving cream too.

One great advantage of shaving soap is that it often comes in more environmentally friendly packaging than cream. While cream is frequently found in plastic tubes, shaving soap can be found in boxes or tins, or sometimes in plastic cases that can be reused and refilled when the soap runs out.