TSM Harvest Fermentation Crock


When you love to follow simpler, healthier ways of traditional eating and food preservation, often eating and making fermented food is part of your lifestyle. TSM German-Style Fermentation Crock can help you make fantastic tasting, healthy, easy-to-prepare fermented foods. You only need perform a few steps of preparation, and allow a bit of time for the food to process on its own. And then, savor and enjoy grandma’s pickle recipe, German sauerkraut, Korean kimchi, Russian beet kvass, Thai fish sauce, French crème fraîche, Lebanese kabees turnips, the list goes on and on. Improve your digestive health, add interesting flavors to your diet, and have fun in the process using the The Sausage Maker Fermenting Crock Pot!


Constructed of fine, fully-vitrified stoneware clay
Fine grained, kiln-fired, lead-free, glazed exterior and interior
Smooth, flawless appearance inside and out
Skilled artisans make each fermentation crock with unmatched quality
Simple, super-easy, historical method to ferment own food
Fermenting crock pot styles used throughout history to preserve foods naturally using salt and water brining
Lid design allows fermenting gases to release without letting oxygen into fermenting crock pot causing spoilage
NO messy surface scum to worry over and remove
Design eliminates need for burp container, protects against explosions, reduces stinky smells
TSM German-Style Harvest Fermentation Crock uses lacto-fermentation processes
Healthy, fun way to add healthy, friendly probiotic bacteria to diet
Fermented food recognized to help strengthen immune system and improve general well-being
Fill to 80% capacity with food and brine water for fermenting
Stone weights included for use with fermentation crock
Water gutter filled as needed based on evaporation rate in outside environment